Top 5 Budget Smart Home Devices

Top 5 Budget Smart Home Devices

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Technology is moving faster and becoming smarter each day. Today almost anything that runs on electricity can be automated and integrated for a smart home experience. From lights to plugs to speakers, there is no limit of the functionality you can achieve in a smart home. Here are the Top 5 Budget Smart Home devices you can buy right now to start planning for a smarter home :

1.Protium Smart Wireless WIFI Switch with Alexa and Google home support

You can buy it here

This smart switch solution by Protium allows you to control multiple heavy power appliances such as geysers, microwave-ovens ,coffee makers, AC’s, Juicer-mixers, etc anytime and from anywhere using a dedicated app on your phone or through Alexa or Google voice assistance.

Simply give power in from the appliance to the switch and connect the output from the switch to the electricity source. Any electronic device running on 16A or below such as Air conditioners, microwaves can be easily converted into a more convenient, smart, safe and smart home solutions.

Other features include:

• Share device controls with multiple members of the family.
• Set ON-OFF timers.
• Create schedules : example, scheduling the geyser to switch on at 7 in the morning from Mon-Fri ,etc .
• Create Smart lighting scenes using RGB lightings.
Mobile App configuration using the Smart Life App.
• Voice Control.

2.Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb E27 9-Watt

You can buy it here

This high quality Smart LED bulb from Philips gives you complete control of your smart home lighting. You can use a single or multiple bulbs at different locations inside the house for a more functional and affordable smart lighting solution.

The product runs on Wi-Fi and is compatible with WiZ app and devices along with Amazon Alexa , Google Assistant and Siri .

Other features include :

• 16 Million different colors with preset themes.
• Warm and Cool lighting.
• 9 Watt output, perfect for home use.
• 2 Years Warranty.

3.Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker

You can buy it here

I personally am using this speaker for years now and i can recommend it to anyone without a doubt. The echo-dot is the most affordable among all the echo devices Amazon offers. It has a crisp and clear speaker output, perfect for home use. You can either use the speaker directly or connect to a bigger speaker with the 3.5 mm audio jack.
Just ask Alexa to play your favourite music , read the latest news, control the compatible smart home devices and much more.

Other features include :

• 360 degree sound.
• Both Hindi and English support.
• 4 high quality microphones for better voice recognition.

4.Acasa 10A and 16A Wi-Fi Smart Plugs

You can buy it here (10A)
You can buy it here (16A)

Acasa is a renowned name in the smart home devices department. The 10 Ampere Smart plug from Acasa offers an easier approach over smart switches. Designed specifically for low power devices such as chargers, modems, lamps ,etc. The plug offers an added feature of portability. While the 16 Ampere version is perfect to plug and play high power consumption appliances.

Acasa Smart plugs can be easily linked with other smart devices to give a complete Smart Home experience.

Other features include :

Alexa and Google Assistant support
Smart App to stay connected with your appliances anywhere in the world.
• Interlinking with other other devices for a convenient multi-device usage.
• Create and manage routines.
• Energy monitoring
• Overload protection.
• Multiple-pin with child safety shutter.

5.Mi 360 degree Full HD Smart Security Camera

You can buy it here –

This high definition camera provides the best solution for home security and surveillance. The inbuilt 20 Megapixel camera lens produces crisp images and videos. After connecting to a Wi-Fi network, you can get live feed from the camera on to your smart phone despite your location.

At this moment there are few quality smart cameras available in the market. While Mi has created a brand name PAN India, it makes sense to include it in the Top 5 list of Smart Home Devices.

Other features include :

• Infrared Night vision.
• AI powered motion detection.
• Talkback feature.
• Inverted installation to avoid upside-down video output.
• Advanced Video Encoding (H.265) for better quality and lesser storage.

That covers the Top 5 Budget Smart Devices available to buy right now. Check out the links below to learn more and buy the devices from Amazon.

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Links to buy

Protium Smart WiFi switch( ₹739 ) :

Philips Smart LED bulb( ₹799 ) :

Amazon Alexa Echo Dot ( ₹2799) :

Acasa WiFi Smart plug (10A – ₹898 :
Acasa WiFi Smart plug (16A – ₹1099 ) :

Mi 360 Degree Smart Security Camera( ₹2872 ) :

( All products listed above are retailing at Amazon while writing the article – Prices are dynamic and these items tend to sell out quickly, so do check them out as soon as you read . )

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