Remembering the 3.5 mm Audio jack and The Upcoming Oneplus Buds

Remembering the 3.5 mm Audio jack and The Upcoming Oneplus Buds

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The biggest business opportunity comes when you help to provide a solution to a problem. What happens when you yourself create the problem and then give a solution to it ?

Ever since Apple launched the AirPods in 2016, it got clear that apart from the technological advancement Apple was marketing with going wireless, it was an emerging business which Apple had started. Launching AirPods alone would have made them a great optional accessory, but launching them alongside removing the 3.5 mm audio jack made them an optional but necessary accessory to be part of the Apple ecosystem.

It is estimated that Apple could sell as many as 85 million AirPods this year, making AirPods the company’s third-largest business after iPhones and iPads.

While many manufacturers including Samsung and Google were making fun of Apple removing the audio jack, Apple on the other hand was building another business empire. Soon everyone realised the potential selling these earphones separately had. Thus these days we have endless competitors to Apple AirPods but in reality only a handful actually compete with it.

The Bigger Story

• AirPods have become even more important than iPads and iPhones in terms of business. AirPods alone could account for over 6% of total revenues Apple would make in the year 2020.
• Though the initial sales of AirPods were slow, it has picked up pace alongside the introduction of a Pro model.
• Apple has doubled the production size of the AirPods Pro from 1 million to 2 million with the increased demand.
• Apart from the increased production volumes, the margins too are estimated to grow significantly ( 59% for AirPods vs 39% for other products).
• In comparison with iPhone, AirPods shipment rose to 72 million from 12 million in merely 4 years.

Apple will be remembered forever as the company that killed the 3.5 mm audio jack. But on the other side it’ll always be remembered as the company that still is hard to defeat in any front.

From the ripple effect Apple creates on the entire industry, we nowadays see multiple replicas of AirPods and while majority of them don’t even come closer to the original product, following are the best alternatives in the Truly Wireless (TWS) category to the overly expensive Apple AirPods in India :

1.Realme Buds Air

I have been using these for more than 5 months now at first one might confuse them with Apple AirPods. Only when you see closely and feel them in hands, you can tell the difference. The Realme Buds Air is powered by realme’s custom make super latency R1 chip. Just like the AirPods, they connect automatically with any Android phone using Google Fast Pair.

Other features include :
• Auto play and pause.
• Dual Channel Transmission.
• Multiple functioning buttons ( Touch Gestures)
• Super low latency Gaming mode.
• Solo-bud usage.
• Environmental noise cancelation.
• LED indicators for battery.

With the bundled charging case the Realme Buds Air can provide a total of up to 7 hrs of battery life in one usage. It also features a USB-C charging port while the case is also capable of wireless qyi charging.

At a price of ₹3999, The Realme Buds Air offers great sound and comfort in ears with features like wireless charging making it a worthy buy compared to the expensive AirPods.

Realme also provides Realme Buds Air Neo at ₹2999 and Realme buds at INR 1999. In my opinion if you can spend the extra bucks , go ahead with the REALME BUDS AIR as neither of the other two provide the best value for price and misses on features like wireless charging.


• Uses Bluetooth 5.0
• Auto sync feature.
• Multiple functional buttons.
• Features the signature JBL Pure Bass.
• Uses a 5.8 mm driver for audio output.
• % hrs of music playback plus 12 hrs from the bubbled case.
• Quick charge support.

3.Mi Wireless Earphones 2

• Uses a 14.2 mm dynamic driver with a large composite titanium diaphragm.
• LHDC codec for richer audio output.
• Dual noise-cancellation microphones.
• Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.
• Gesture support with in-ear detection.
• Total of 14 hrs of battery on a single charge.
• Type-C port and quick charge capable.

4.Blaupunkt BTW01

• Weighs just at 505 grams and certified for sweat, water and dust resistance.
• Great amount of audio separation with rich bass.
• Playback time of 6 hrs.
• Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and single bud support for voice calls.
• Crisp sound output and covers a wide range of audio profiles.

5.Noise X5

• 6 hrs of playback and total of 36 hrs with in case charging.
• Latest Bluetooth.
• A balanced audio profile.
• IPX5 water and dust resistance.
• OK Google/ Siri voice command support

Oneplus Buds : A strong upcoming contender

OnePlus co-founder Pete Lau revealed on the online OnePlus Community forum that the company will be launching it’s first TWS earbuds called the OnePlus Buds alongside the highly anticipated launch of the OnePlus Nord on July 21.

Pete also revealed that new buds will have an ergonomic design for better comfort over longer periods of usage including a half-in-ear design. The Oneplus Buds claim to have a battery life of up to 30 hrs including the case with a 10 min charge providing usage for up to 10 hrs.

The buds themselves weigh at just 4.6 grams and the charging case is said to weigh close to 36 grams, as stated by Lau.

All in all with the increasing popularity of Oneplus in India, the new TWS earphones from Oneplus is set to become a hit as soon as they hit the Indian market.

Stay tuned for more updates to follow. That’s all in today’s edition of See you in the next one.

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