My name is Vipul Gupta and I’m an aspiring blogger trying to start a productive tech community from this new and dynamic medium of blogging .

The idea is simple – to have a one stop place for everyone to dive into the world of technology and be aware about all the latest developments in tech around the globe.

Although there already are plethora of options to look to but my goal is to keep the content as relatable as possible for everyone.

From Hobby to Profession

I have an obsession for everything that involves technology . Back in 2014 when I started my engineering in Computer Science , I did not imagine it would be so different than I had hoped for . Nevertheless towards the end of my degree I had started indulging into few basic practical implementation of what I was learning off-campus , an emerging tech called IOT (Internet of things) .

Now majority of you would be familiar with or would have heard of this name IOT but back then only few knew. I started making some DIY projects using one of the platforms of IOT named RaspberryPi and found myself intrigued by it .

But when the degree ended and later corporate world started , it wasn’t the usual routine and somehow I got pretty much disconnected with all the new and emerging tech.

But now, when the entire world is at a pit stop ,trying to refuel and reservice itself , it’s a perfect opportunity for me to start re-exploring tech in such a way that I can engage , if not inspire many people like me who want to explore the latest technologies and products or the ones who are just stepping into this enormous world that drives the world we all live in.

Updated focuses on all the latest news surrounding the world of technology. My opinions on them and hands on reviews of some of the products I personally use. However the long-term goal is to expand the content to other fields of life like automobile , architecture , social issues and more. Anyone who wants to be a part of the writing community can head up to the contact page on the website or can visit updated at Instagram , Facebook or Twitter , links to all given in the site .

Now that u know about me , Let’s start exploring !